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Monday, October 18, 2010

Kenangan Oh Kenangan ! ! !

dear my blog , it sound like this "engkau jadi kenangan dalam hati terlalu lama engkau pergi" the memory still in my head . i cant change the memory but i can forget about it but it impossible ! the person that i love , i miss , i care leave me without say anything or any words it so hard for me to forget and erase all the memoir ! aku x tahu adakah aku rindu atau aku benci . org kata benci tapi rindu :| that not the point , the point is, how i supposed to live in shadows . its really scared me . i know it my mistake but i can fix it... Let forget about the past and build a new hope with a new life sound like crazy right ? because everyone says that i can leave my dark past . least i trying and i doing ! not like other . i look like desparate now.. tomorrow is my birthday urgh it killing me ! benci benci benci benci !