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Sunday, August 29, 2010

myself basically✖

mypicture:about me ♥♥♥Nurul Atikah Masiran♥♥♥
Hey There! My Name Is Nurul Atikah Masiran, I'm 15 This Year, I'm 5Feet 6Inches, Weigh Around 55+KiloGrams. My Hair And Eyes Are Dark Brown In Colour.Kinda i Think

I'm Childish But Not Immature, I'm Spoiled But Not A Brat, I'm Pathetic and Emo-Ish :honestly, I Have The Life Experience Of A 30 Year Old But I'm Only 15 And I'm Lucky To Still Be Sane Enough To Live My Life.
I Love Bowling, Movies And Music.
I Hate A Few Things But Mostly I Hate Annoyance.

Some People Says That I'm Too Nice, Cute and ETC... While Some Tells Me That I Just Screw Everything Up And That I Should Go Suck Myself But Just So They Know, I'm Nothing Of That Sort, I'm Just A Girl Whose Trying To Live Life and Try Her Best To Do Good Things More Than The Bad One But That Doesn't Mean I Can't Make Mistakes.

Mistake: To make an error, to do something in wrong way.

Well, I've Said This Time To Time Again, I'm Nowhere Near Perfect But Yet Some People Just Don't Understand. I'm Not Rich, I Don't Have A High Status, I Only Have To Give Love And Care And A Person Whom Will Listen To You And Try Her Best To Be There For You When You Need Someone.

I Also Love To Love And Care For People, I Just Do. I Don't Expect People To Love Or Care For Me Back, It's Up To Them If They Want To Love, Hate Or Just Ignore Me As If I Don't Exist But I Still Love Whom I Want To Love And That's .

But Even That Thing About Me Is Not Perfect. In The End, What I Wanted To Say Is, I'm Trying To Change For The Better. :3


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